Top 10 Wedding Ceremony Tips

January 14th, 2010 by admin in Articles

1. Don’t forget to ask the reception hall director to reserve a rehearsal date…many forget!

2. Ring Bearers will find a way to lose the rings so be sure to give them fake ones while the best man and matron of honor hold the real ones.

3. If the ring bearer and flower girl stand with party during ceremony, they will “steal the show” literally. Have a parent sit with them during ceremony.

4. Don’t forget the marriage license! You will have 5 days to send it after the ceremony or the wedding is null and void.

5. Those who miss or are late to the rehearsal will make mistakes on wedding day. Have everyone get there early. Make sure DJ has the music you would like.

6. Biggest regret of married couples: they forgot to have someone video tape the wedding. You don’t need a professional, just someone with a camcorder.

7. Have alternative plans if it rains!

8. If you say your own vows, bring a “cheat sheet.” People fear public speaking more than death.

9. Have people you would have wanted in the wedding party but couldn’t for whatever reason, do a reading or poem during ceremony.

10. Remember the main part of the day is not the frills and the wardrobes; the lifetime commitment you make is why the celebration is taking place.

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