Here is a sampling of some of the letters that we have received from happy couples…

“A very special time in our lives is our wedding day. Having that person that God has hand- picked for us smiling in front of us waiting to become our spouse. Now we all know that the important part of the day is taking our vows in front of God and becoming Man and Wife. The decision to have him marry you is one that you will not regret.

My wife and I were married in June of 2005 at a church in our hometown. We were nervous about the process. We met with the reverend prior to the wedding. What types of things would he ask? Our discussion with him was not intimidating at all. Hey, he is actually a normal guy. Meeting with him was a great opportunity to learn, not only from a pastor, but a married man, what to expect. You know God has chosen that person for you. And we also know that a healthy marriage takes some work. It is really nice to discuss those things with someone that has life experience as well as experience with God’s word.

When our ceremony came around, we were very excited. The day before our wedding we met for an informal “rehearsal.” All of our questions were answered about how things would work. He was very professional in his decisions and the manner in which he was planning on performing the wedding. We were completely comfortable with the decisions that had been made. It was really nice to not have to worry about the most important part of the day.

When our wedding day arrived, things went very well. His message was heart felt and filled with the love of God. My wife and I had several people come up to us and ask about the reverend. His message was insightful, not only for my Wife and I, but also our guests. Those that have been married for several years were also commenting on how important the message really was to our relationship: love, commitment, patience, understanding, and forgiveness were among the most important points.

He did a great job. My wife and I were completely satisfied with the service we received; He did a great job. Good luck with your decisions. Remember, the most important part of the day is taking your vows in front of God. Keep that in mind when you are making your decisions.

Again, good luck, and God bless.”

– Mike and Carry Turbeville

“My wife and I could not have made a better choice in having our wedding officiant perform our wedding ceremony.

His warm and engaging personality added to the tone we wanted to create for our family and friends. During our wedding, he led the ceremony with comfort and class. He carefully conveyed the seriousness and sacredness of the wedding vows and balanced this with the joy and celebration of coming together as husband and wife.

He is a genuine, loving, and caring man. We were delighted that he was able to officiate at our wedding ceremony.”

– Ben Gair

“Our wedding pastor performed the wedding ceremony for Deborah and I on June 30, 06. It was one of the most memorable moments of our lives for several reasons. The first was the obvious commitment we were making before God, family, and friends. To us, it was very important to have a wedding that was to be glorifying to God, and I know in my heart he was. Since our wedding, we have been blessed every day with his grace (Not to mention the birth of our healthy twins, a new house, and great family and friends). If we were to do it again, I wouldn’t choose anyone else to marry us. The message was personable, truthful, humorous, and we had many people come to us and say it was one of the best weddings performed they have witnessed. I would recommend him to marry anyone first and foremost.”

– Tim and Deborah Lukasik

“Our wedding pastor made our wedding ceremony a beautiful one. My husband and I chose to be married at Niagara Falls. This was not a problem for him and he worked with us to be sure it worked out perfectly. He offered suggestions on the format of the ceremony, but let us make the final decisions of what elements we wanted to include. ¬†For example, as it was an outdoor wedding, there was no music and we didnot do the unity candle.

He is a very personable man. He provided humor when it was appropriate. He also interjected his own thoughts about my husband and I, which really made our ceremony seem personalized and not just another”cookie cutter” ceremony. For example, he told several personal stories about how we each came to the church and how we met.

Most importantly I felt that God was a part of our ceremony. I felt our ceremony was warm and loving and spiritual at the same time. He makes sure to provide advice on how to have a godly marriage. We are very pleased with the job he did in officiating our¬†wedding ceremony.”

– Donna and Dave Sutz

“The ceremony was amazing! I am so glad I found you, I truly believe it was fate! We received so many complements, everyone thought you were the best officiant! We should definitely keep in touch! Thank you so much for being part of our special day!”

– Tatiana and Michael

“Jerry and I just got back from “Virginia Beach Honeymoon” now we are on our every day honeymoon. The ceremony could not have been any nicer. You are not just our wedding wedding officiant but truly part of our family now and always will be. We will keep in touch with you throughout our lives. Next time we are in the Buffalo area, we would love to get together. Thank you so very much … for you…”

– Kay and Jerry McDowell

“We just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for us. We loved the wedding ceremony everything was wonderful and all who attended said the same! We definitely will not forget our day soon! Thanks for being our wedding officiant!”

– Randy and Mindy

“Thank you again for helping us out on such short notice! Everything was great… the best day of our lives! Thanks!”

– Ryan and Jessica

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